Cooltech Applications is a visionary company that was the first to disrupt the century old vapor compression technology to produce cooling, taking the challenge with a simple vision:

Producing cooling without gas is the way to eradicate planet-warming and hazardous refrigerant.


Since its inception, the Cooltech team has been guided by the same goal; find and develop a viable and eco-responsible solution to eliminate the issues associated with refrigeration. After 14 years of research and development, projects and partnerships, Cooltech has developed a technology that meets market expectations while protecting our environment. This is magnetic refrigeration.


In a changing world, where needs in refrigeration and air conditioning become more and more part of our daily life, the needs of a green and sustainable technology is now a real necessity.


We believe that magnetic refrigeration is the answer and will become, in the coming years, the new standard for Refrigeration & HVAC.

Patents & International Recognition

After more than 10 years of intensive and in-depth research in diverse technological fields as magnetism, hydraulics, thermic, mechanics and chemistry, Cooltech Applications has developed a unique cleantech solution, based on the magnetocaloric effect.


Since the very beginning, Cooltech has protected its technology. Today Cooltech Applications owns a solid portfolio of 300+ international patents in 23 countries. Its expertise and know-how have been constantly improved and augmented via international collaborations in science and technology.


The company has also competed in several international scientific contests and has been the recipient of awards for its know-how and expertise in several fields including engineering, entrepreneurship, commercial refrigeration and clean technology. In 2017 it was rewarded with a RAC cooling Award by the cooling industry.

Cooltech Applications has engaged on applying the magnetic cooling approach to various market segments through co-development partnerships with OEM (e.g. Domestic refrigeration, Industrial cooling...) across Europe, North America and Asia.


Cooltech is financed by major French venture capital funds and family offices.




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Pioneer in magnetic refrigeration system