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Commercial & Medical Refrigeration

Commercial & Medical Refrigeration


The first targets for Cooltech’s Magnetic cooling device are the commercial and medical refrigeration markets. These markets exhibit all the characteristics that favor the implementation of Magnetic Cooling. Cooltech’s solution can contribute to reduce the operational expenses (opex) of end users’ refrigerating equipment (supermarkets, restaurant chains, pharmaceutical labs…) and provide a real differentiation to OEMs.


The first generation of machines is designed to penetrate these first segments:



Cooltech’s Magnetic Refrigeration System is unique in that it has No Compressor, No refrigerant gas, and works with a Low pressure system. It offers an innovative and reliable alternative for the commercial refrigeration market.


Cooltech’s magnetic refrigeration products allow manufacturers and end users to meet environmental requirements while remaining costly competitive.

 Product integrations and demonstrations:

Cooltech Applications carried on numerous product integrations into OEM’s refrigerating equipment. These successful integrations were promoted around the world to market stakeholders through tradeshows and conferences.  


The movie presents one of these integrations, realized at MEDICA in November 2015.


Product Integrations and Validation:

After carrying on numerous product integrations with OEM’s, Cooltech is now doing demonstrations and performance validations at End Users’sites in several locations.

The movie presents one of the first external product demonstrations, realized at Carrefour’s head office restaurant in September 2016.



 New development: the scalable Magnetic Refrigeration System (over 100kW of cooling capacity)



 System characteristics:







Designed for:















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