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Holtzheim - Cooltech Applications

Company Overview


Making Magnetic Refrigeration the new standard

Cooltech Applications was founded in 2003 with the mission to make Magnetic Refrigeration the new standard in the cooling industry by productizing and commercializing refrigeration systems based on magnetic cooling.

After more than 10 years of intensive and in-depth research in diverse technological fields as magnetism, hydraulics, thermal mechanics and chemistry, Cooltech Applications has developed a unique cleantech solution, based on the 19th century discovery of magnetocaloric effect. The solution replaces existing compressors using refrigerant gases with a compression-less, gas-free, energy efficient, and environment friendly appliance.

Coolthech's Figures
Cooltech Applications is the first company in the world to commercialize Magnetic Refrigeration Products. The first Magnetic Refrigeration System introduced by Cooltech Applications primarily addresses the commercial refrigeration market (plug-in display cases for stores, kitchen equipment, beverage coolers, medical refrigerators...).

Cooltech Applications has also engaged with customers on applying the magnetic cooling approach to other market segments through co-development partnerships (e.g. Domestic refrigeration, Industrial cooling...).

Cooltech contributes to collaborative research and development programs with major industrial groups:

  • FP7 ICE - Heating and air conditioning for electrical collective transports
  • MagFreeG - Deployment for commercial refrigeration applications (EU’s Eco-innovation project)
  • MagCop - Research, development and industrial production ecosystem for Cooltech Applications’ products
  • MagCool - Magnetocaloric materials
  • Zen E-Drive - Light electric vehicle with solar charging stations
  • IFPEN - Thermal exchanger for magnetocaloric systems

Based in the outskirt of Strasbourg, Cooltech Applications is backed by well-established investors.

Holtzheim - Siège Social - Cooltech Applications

Holtzheim - Head Office

5 Impasse Antoine Imbs,       
67810 Holtzheim       
+33 (0)3 88 10 47 90       



Patents & International Recognition 

Since the very beginning, Cooltech’s strategy has been oriented to protecting its technology. Today Cooltech Applications owns a solid portfolio of 300+ international patents in more than 40 countries. Its expertise and know-how have been constantly improved and augmented via international collaborations in science and technology. Recently, Marks & Clerk attributed a score of 8/10 to Cooltech’s patents families.

The company has also competed in several international scientific contests and has been the recipient of awards for its know-how and expertise in several fields including engineering, entrepreneurship, commercial refrigeration and clean technology.

Cooltech is a corporate member of various international, scientific and engineering organizations:

  • IIR - International Institute of Refrigeration
  • IoR - Institute of Refrigeration UK
  • SIRAC - Refrigeration & Heating Industry Users & Academics
  • UKMagSoc - UK Magnetics Society
  • IEEE Magnetics group (US)
  • IET - Institute of Engineering & Technology


Awards - Cooltech Applications

Cooltech Applications is today internationally acknowledged as the global leader in magnetic refrigeration.  

Global leader in magnetic refrigeration - Cooltech Applications



The production facility

At Cooltech, we created the infrastructure for:

  • Production line

  • Optimizations

  • Testing

  • Metrology and quality

  • Product life-cycle management (PLM)




Manual assembly line - Cooltech Applications



Automatic assembly line - Cooltech Applications