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September 2016 - The next Refrigeration System?                                                                                 Accelerate


"What could be better for the environment than using a natural refrigerant that changes phase between gas and liquid?"

8 July 2016 - Cooltech Launches Its Magnetic Refrigeration System in the US                        ACHR News

"Partnership will deploy the first display cases utilizing magnetic refrigeration in North America"

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21 June 2016 - Could the future of fridges lie in magnetics?                                                                          BT NEWS


"The next fridge you buy could have its cooling power driven by magnets, thanks to a new design from one manufacturer."

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15 June 2016 - Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use                     New Atlas                

"Cooltech has announced the first publicly available refrigerator using a magnetic cooling system, which is more efficient than standard fridges"

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New Atlas

May 2016 - An Alternative to vapor-compression cooling?                                                           ACCELERATE


"The Ames laboratory at Iowa State will be leading a major effort to develop a commercial application for caloric cooling, said to be more efficient and quieter than conventional cooling"

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12 February 2016 - Le froid magnétique attire l'attention de l'AFF                                                        La RPF

"Le froid magnétique était à l’honneur d’une réunion du comité d’orientation de l’AFF le 28 janvier dernier à Paris."

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14 December 2015 - Debut for first magnetic medical fridge                                                           Cooling Post

Cooling Post

"A French company, Cooltech Applications, has debuted the first medical refrigerator using magnetic refrigeration at an exhibition in Germany."

22 October 2015 - Cooltech Pioneers Magnetic Refrigeration Systems                                                   JARN

"Cooltech is a leading pioneer in the field of magnetic refrigeration systems."


April 2014 - Dossier Production du froid                                                                               Revue Générale du Froid

Revue Générale du Froid

"Réfrigération magnétique appliqué au froid commercial"

24 April 2013 - Cooltech lève 8 millions d'euros avec son froid magnétique                                Les Echos

"Protégée par une dizaine de brevets internationaux, la technologie des réfrigérateurs innovants vaut à Cooltech une levée de fonds de 8 millions d'euros."

Les Echos