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March 2017 - Cooltech at Euroshop, the world’s leading supermarket trade show

Cooltech Applications exhibited its Magnetic Refrigeration Systems at Euroshop in Dusseldorf (Germany) this march. This show gave Cooltech the opportunity to directly discuss potential projects with End Users. Many major food retailers and refrigerating equipment’s manufacturers came discuss with Cooltech’s team for new projects and developments. Cooltech’s management took also advantage of the show to present the current development of the scalable-35KW MRS ( up to 100 KW of cooling!) for commercial, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning projects.

February 2017 - ATMOsphere Japan 2017 : Cooltech Applications gave the lastest updates on Magnetic Refrigeration!







On February 20th, during the latest ATMOSPHERE’s event in Tokyo (Japan), Cooltech gave several speeches on its Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) in front of about 200 market stakeholders, including significant retailers like Lawson, Family Mart, Aeon as well as world’s leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mayekawa, Sanden, Embraco, Danfoss...


The talks highlighted the possibility to soon deploy Magnetic Cooling in Japan, not only for light commercial refrigeration but also for larger cooling applications.


Besides several business meetings with key Japanese manufacturers in refrigeration systems, Cooltech also attented SMTS , the big Food &Supermarket trade show (

 To be continued…

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 October 2016 - Chillventa 2016 : a roaring success and a key landmark for Cooltech Applications!


Chillventa 2016, held in Nuremberg, Germany (October 11-13) was a tremendous success for Cooltech Applications with over 450 people visiting the stand. Among them, key actors of the refrigeration markets (manufacturers, OEMs, end users, …) as well as journalists and scientists came meet and discuss projects with Cooltech’s engineers.


Cooltech exhibited its groundbreaking Magnetic Refrigeration System (the MRS400) integrated into a display case, previously demonstrated at Carrefour’s head office. The 3-day event was a commercial breakthrough with numerous business meetings with significant actors and a highly successful conference. Chillventa is the leading tradeshow in Europe in the HVAC&R industry with more than 32,000 visitors and nearly 1,000 exhibitors.

September 2016 - Cooltech Applications is partnering with Carrefour


The company entered into an agreement with the leading supermarket chain to install a fully equipped magneto-caloric display cabinet at Carrefour‘s head office - Demonstrations in stores will follow.


“Our intention is now to test several magnetic refrigerated display cabinets in stores. In addition to the environmental performance with no gas emission, magnetic cooling will bring significant energy savings to our stores” said Jean-Michel Fleury, Project director – International support at Carrefour.


“After successful product integrations with several display case manufacturers, we are delighted to partner with a leading supermarket chain like Carrefour, said Christian Muller, President of Cooltech. Both companies will continue demonstrations in stores in the next months.


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September 2016 - Cooltech at THERMAG VII, held in Turin, Italy

The event was the 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration. It gathered scientists from worldwide universities and research institutions, as well as major companies such as Whirlpool, GE, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sanden, Chubu, BASF etc... Many of the nearly 200 attendees exhibited their ongoing works and studies related to magnetic refrigeration.


Cooltech Applications, with more than 15 engineers and PhD’s, remains very close to the scientific community and contributes to the increase in knowledge about the technology. The every other year event is a fantastic opportunity to share insights and discuss the latest developments on magnetic systems and on the coming generations of magneto-caloric materials, giving higher performance at cheaper costs.


Recurrent attendee to Thermag, Cooltech Applications gave a detailed presentation on its industrial and technical status and exhibited its standard magnetic cooling device that performs negative temperature (frozen heat exchangers).

June 2016 - Cooltech launches its MRS in the United States of America!

The company announced an agreement with Structural Concepts for deploying the first magnetic cooling display cases in North America.


“Our company is thrilled to announce our partnership with Cooltech as our next major investment in disruptive technology. Our partnership with Cooltech and their MRS technology will give us the unprecedented opportunity to be on the leading edge of a refrigeration revolution” said Dave Geerts, President of Structural Concepts.


“After successful product integrations in Europe, we are delighted to introduce the technology in the USA”, said Christian Muller, President of Cooltech.


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June 2016 - Cooltech at FMI Connect in Chicago!

Cooltech Applications exhibited its Magnetic Refrigeration System at FMI connect in Chicago this June. It was a tremendous success for the company which is pursuing its breakthrough into North America.


Many of the major food retailers and refrigerating equipment’s manufacturers in North America came discuss with Cooltech’s engineers for getting information on the technology and its benefits. Cooltech’s management took also advantage of the show to introduce its next MRS-20KW development for further market applications in commercial and industrial refrigeration.

April 2016 - Cooltech at ATMOsphere Europe 2016!


Cooltech Applications participated to ATMOsphere Europe 2016. The conference took place in Barcelona on the 19th and 20th April. The event attracted over 400 HVAC-R market actors who shared experiences on the latest best practices and explored future solutions for a greener cooling.


Cooltech presented a case study about MagFreeG "deploying magnetic cooling", its 1.7 M€ European project. It was a fantastic opportunity to give an overview of Cooltech’s achievements and to highlight the market potential of the Magnetic Refrigeration technology.


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January 2016 - First integration tests with freezing temperatures!


After successful integrations within refrigerated equipment (medical refrigerator, display cases...) with cooling temperature, Cooltech Applications is now preparing for another future with negative temperature.


The picture shows how heat exchangers have behaved with the adapted MRS... to be followed!

December 2015 - World Premiere of revolutionary medical refrigerator at MEDICA 2015


Cooltech Applications presented the first magnetocaloric medical fridge with its parner Kirsch, a leading German manufacturer, at MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf (Germany).


"This product integration is a major step forward for the magnetocaloric technology, says Christian Muller, co-funder and CEO of Cooltech Applications. After working on the industrialization of our technology during the last 3 years, we are now moving forward with system integrations in commercial or medical refrigerated equipment".


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December 2015 - COP21: Cooltech at The Grand Palais in Paris!


The Grand Palais is hosting the exhibition “Solutions COP21” in Paris (December 4-10).

Held in conjunction with the United Nations international conference, Solutions COP21 is a public exhibition promoting the actors developing concrete solutions to fight climate change.Cooltech Applications showcased its Magnetic Cooling solution, a green and disruptive refrigeration solution !


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October 2015 - Cooltech at Carrefour’s Innovation & Energy fair!


On October 21 & 22, 2015, Carrefour France organized the first Innovations & Energy fair, with the support of Nicolas Hulot’s foundation.


This B2B event brought together more than 50 eco-companies, dedicated to energy optimizations (refrigeration, HVAC, lighting,...), from all around the world.


It was a great opportunity for Cooltech Applications to exhibit its innovative device (the Magnetic Refrigeration System) to the retailer’s significant decision makers and other exhibitors.

August 2015 - Cooltech at ICR 2015 in Japan: a tremendous success!


Cooltech Applications participated to IIR’s 24th International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) in August 2015 in Yokohama. The company raised a lot of interests, due to the exhibition of its product, the Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS).

The event was a real 6-day marathon for Cooltech’s team and Christian Muller, its CEO: more than 10 official meetings with significant market actors and numerous interviews with influential Japanese magazines and newspapers...a milestone for Cooltech in Asia!


June 2015 - Cooltech Applications is a finalist of  2015 RAC Cooling Awards!


Cooltech Applications is a finalist in this year’s RAC Cooling Industry Awards. The event highlights the leading innovations and environmental successes in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry.


The event will take place on September, 23rd in London. Cooltech Applications was already a finalist in 2013 and was awarded a "Highly Commended" for "Innovation of the year".

May 2015 - Cooltech Applications at the 18th European Forum on Eco-innovation!


Cooltech Applications attended the 18th European Forum on Eco-innovation in Barcelona (20-21 May, 2015) organized by the European Commission.


This event gathered many actors concerned with eco-innovation in Europe and it was the occasion for Cooltech to participate to several case studies. Among them Casino Environment Index and Eco-innovation as a factor of business competitiveness with Unilever, Mercadona and Geronimo Martins.


The subject of the Forum was: boosting competitiveness and innovation. The role of environmental labelling, management and information schemes.

November 2014 - Montreal Protocol: Cooltech at UNESCO headquarters!


Ségolène Royal, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy opened the 26th meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Monday, November 17th.


The Minister emphasized the great success of the Montreal Protocol and she enhanced the implementation of technological solutions, offered by large industrial groups or French SMEs, which use no HFC gas.


Thus, after the opening of the meeting, Ségolène Royal visited the ADEME stand (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) where Cooltech Applications was introducing its Magnetic Refrigeration System (M.R.S).

October 2014 - Cooltech at Chillventa 2014!


Cooltech Applications exhibited at Chillventa this October (14-16). It is now one of the most important events in the world for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps.


In 2012 it hosted more than 900 exhibitors and 28 000 visitors, more than half internationals which emphasize its importance as a global-leading exhibition.

September 2014 - Cooltech at THERMAG VI, held in Victoria, Canada


The event was the 6th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration.


It comprised scientists from worldwide universities and research institutions, as well as major companies such as Whirlpool, GE, LG Electronics, Samsung, Denso, Chubu, BASF, Air Liquide etc... Many of the 140 attendees exhibited their ongoing works and studies related to magnetic refrigeration during the 82 presentations of this 4-day conference (Sept 7-10, 2014).


Recurrent attendee to Thermag, Cooltech Applications gave a detail presentation on its new developments, specifically for its product (M.R.S) integration into a refrigerated system.

July 2014 - MagFreeG: an European project led by Cooltech Applications!


European Union helps speed up magnetic cooling commercialization. The 1.7M Euros MagFreeG project has just been granted to the French company Cooltech Applications by European Union through CIP Eco-Innovation program. This project aims to commercialize Magnetic Refrigeration Systems (MRS) within European countries.

The deployment of MagFreeG will help end users (supermarkets, retail stores,...) contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 environmental objectives by, not only significantly reducing carbon emissions, but also providing energy savings and reduced maintenance in stores.

May 2014 - Cooltech wins the Innovation trophy at Europain 2014!


OCF in partnership with Cooltech Applications presented their new IGLOO display cabinet with the new Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) at this year’s Europain fair. This revolutionary product received Europain’s Innovation Trophy 2014.


Europain (Paris) is the main European fair dedicated to baking, pastry-making, ice-cream, chocolate and confectionery companies. This year attracted more than 75,000 visitors from all around the world.


February 2014 - Cooltech at Euroshop!


This year’s Euroshop carried a special event, as Cooltech Applications introduced the 1st Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS), it was presented in a refrigerated display cabinet in association with Arneg, one of the biggest European manufacturers.


This product brought a lot of attention from the visitors (worldwide supermarket chains and other actors in the commercial refrigeration market) who didn’t hesitate to get informed by Cooltech’s professionals present at the Show.

December 2013 - Omnes Capital just invested 1.5 million euros in Cooltech Applications!


Michel de Lempdes, Managing Partner and Co-Director at Venture Capital at Omnes Capital adds: « Cooltech Applications provides a real breakthrough in the refrigeration field thanks to the magnetic refrigeration technology which will allows energy savings of around 40%. We are convinced that the future of refrigeration passes through magnetic refrigeration, more reliable and inherently, more efficient than cooling from gas compression technology. We are particularly impressed by the quality of development and industrialization work done by Cooltech Applications ».

November 2013 - Cooltech among the top 20 cleantech companies in Europe!


The Cleantech Summit took place November 12 & 13, 2013 in Milan. This unique event focused on the top 20 cleantech companies in Europe. 


Cooltech Applications was selected for presenting its Magnetic Refrigeration System and its benefits during a key note speech. The Cleantech Summit gathered major european cleantech companies, international venture capitalists, investment bankers, specialized press, service providers and advisers coming from all around  the world.


November 2013 - Cooltech at the IET Awards!



Cooltech Applications’ innovation was competing for the IET Awards. The Magnetic Refrigeration System was finalist in both the Built Environment and Sustainability categories. Thus Cooltech Applications has been awarded in the Built Environment category. 


The IET Innovation Awards celebrate the very best innovations in science, engineering and technology. 74 finalist from 30 countries have been selected for this year’s Innovation Awards, competing in 15 different categories.


October 2013 - Cooltech at the 2013 Global Cleantech 100, a top 100 company!



Cooltech Applications is pleased to announce that we have been named for The 2013 Global Cleantech 100 list which has been officially unveiled at an Awards Ceremony at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C in October 9 2013. The list, established by an expert panel, is comprised of companies representing the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech and which are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges.



The picture shows how heat exchangers have behaved with the adapted MRS... to be followed!

September 2013 - Cooltech Applications awarded Highly Commended for the Innovation of the year!



Cooltech Applications attended the RAC Cooling awards in London, the 25th September 2013, as finalist in two categories. Cooltech was awarded a Highly Commended for the "Innovation of the year" award for its work in bringing the techniques out of the research laboratory and into the commercial sector.


December 2013 - € 8M of new capital

Cooltech Applications, the first company to propose a global solution which is both ecological and industrial for the refrigeration and air conditioning markets using Magnetic Refrigeration technology, has recently raised €8 M of new capital from both its historic shareholders and two new investors: Demeter Partners and 123Venture. Download the Press Release.