Cooltech Applications
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Custom Developments

Due to its experience, Cooltech is the ideal partner for your magnetic refrigeration projects. Indeed, Cooltech has already worked on numerous collaborative refrigeration projects with major international industries.


Magnetic Refrigeration has a very large spectrum of applications and requires very specific skills.


Applications include:


  • Domestic refrigeration: ongoing feasibility studies
  • Commercial refrigeration: plug-ins systems & refrigeration rack systems
  • Commercial / Industrial air conditioning: data centers, buildings, industries
  • Cold rooms, storage & reefers
  • Processes in industry: all chiller applications (T° ~ -5°C)
  • Transport: HVAC for cars, trucks & buses


Throughout the years, Cooltech has developed numerous core competences, that allow speeding-up any new product development:


  • Magnetocaloric Materials (performance simulations and material characterization)
  • Magnetic Systems (simulations and system development)
  • Fluid and Air flow, Thermal behaviour simulations ( through a proprietary multi-physics modelling tool)
  • Mechanics, CAD and experimental tests and validations
  • Product Integrations in Refrigeration Systems 


At Cooltech, a team of several project managers is dedicated to co-development and integration projects. As single point of contact (SPOC), they work internally and externally to make sure we meet project objectives.
Cooltech can also manage the productization of the end-products. This includes the following steps:
Cooltech can also assist you in obtaining a finished magnetic refrigerated equipment through product integration projects. It comprises the following steps:
  • Project study and numerical simulations
  • Integration of Cooltech’s machine into the partner’s device
  • Optimizations and refinement
  • Equipment tests and validations
Before starting a project in a new field of use, Cooltech can provide a comprehensive feasibility study to assess any project request.

Key partnership considerations


               To develop new applications using magnetic refrigeration for your business,   Contact Us.