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Magnetic Refrigeration System


Magnetic cooling is becoming a practical solution for the cold industry. The technology resolves the two main issues affecting the compressor-based refrigeration systems:


  • The environmental challenge via a gas-free solution
  • The economic challenge by reducing energy consumption and increasing the efficiency 



The Benefits


Using Cooltech’s Magnetic Refrigeration System will offer you these direct advantages:


Energy savings up to 50%

Today, refrigeration accounts for 17% of the global electric consumption. It is time to change that! Magnets are permanent and do not require an energy source to operate.


No Refrigerant Gas

The Magnetic Refrigeration System does not use any refrigerant gas and is not affected by the regulations challenging the use of refrigerants (F-gas, SNAP policy…). By 2030, refrigeration and air conditioning will account for about 13% of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Magnetic Cooling will contribute to reduce this figure by producing cold energy without any polluting gas.


Cost Reduction

Magnetic Cooling requires a low level of maintenance (low rotational speed, low pressure, no leaks and no hazardous chemicals…) which lowers the operational cost for the end user.



Thanks to a low pressure system, the MRS ensures a better safety for End-Users. The absence of refrigerant gas protects the users from hazardous leaks. Measurements were performed on all MRS types and results showed magnetic emissions that surrounded Cooltech’s devices (10cm) were far lower than the ones from a little promotional fridge magnet.

Reduced noise and vibrations

The Magnetic Refrigeration System operates with a low noise level (less than 35db) and reduced vibrations.



The Magnetic Refrigeration System


With a refrigeration power of 400W and a temperature span of 25°c, the Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) can be used in a medical refrigerator, a wine cellar, a professional refrigerator or a plug-in display case.


Thanks to its small form factor and its flexible design, the Magnetic Refrigeration System can be easily integrated into your refrigeration system. For more information regarding Cooltech’s device, please Contact us.


General functioning of the Cooltech’s Magnetic Refrigeration System integrated into a refrigerated display cabinet



 First generation of machine (Cooltech):


For all cooling applications, Cooltech is the ideal partner for your Magnetic Refrigeration projects. Go to Custom Developments for more information.



The Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) - May 2016





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