Cooltech Applications
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Market opportunities

Cooltech’s Magnetic Refrigeration System can be implemented in many applications in replacement of traditional compressors, the mandatory choice until now. This groundbreaking technology, running like a thermal pump, will be eventually capable of producing cold and heat.
Since the last quarter of 2016, Cooltech has been following 2 main axes for the development of the magneto-caloric technology:  
  • Deployment Phase – Compact MRS (below 1 KW): Light Commercial Refrigeration and Medical Refrigeration


  • Development Phase – Scalable MRS (over 100KW of cooling): Remote Refrigeration systems, Industrial Refrigeration & Storage, Large Air Conditioning applications
The MRS refrigeration system : A huge market potential to be gradually addressed:

A study recently led by Markets&Markets evaluated the Magnetic Cooling market at $315 million by 2022. 


Beyond these already identified markets, our Magnetic Refrigeration System is suitable for any process or application which is using vapor compression technology. Applications include:


  • Domestic refrigeration: ongoing feasibility studies
  • Commercial refrigeration: plug-ins systems & refrigeration rack systems
  • Commercial / Industrial air conditioning: data centers, buildings, industries
  • Cold rooms, storage & reefers
  • Processes in industry: all chiller applications (T° ~ -5°C)
  • Transport: HVAC for cars, trucks & buses



To develop new applications using magnetic refrigeration for your business, please contact us (or go to Custom Developments to discover more about partnership considerations). We will be pleased to work with you to develop a solution meeting your requirements.