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Kigali deal on HFCs is big step in fighting climate change

Kigali deal on HFCs - Cooltech Applications

The agreement, announced on Saturday morning after all-night negotiations in Kigali, Rwanda, caps and reduces the use of HFCs – a key contributor to greenhouse gases – in a gradual process beginning in 2019.


Globally, countries agreed to reduce the use of HFCs by 85% by 2047. A global deal to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the battle to combat climate change is a “monumental step forward”, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, has said. Finding sustainable alternatives to HFCs is becoming even more crucial now.


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John Kerry: HFCs are a critical piece of the climate puzzle

John Kerry - The Montreal Protocol - Cooltech Applications

"In Paris, the world set the goal of limiting the Earth’s warming to well below two degrees Celsius. Amending the Montreal Protocol to phase-down HFC use could help us avoid a full half-degree. (...) By joining together to fulfill that commitment; by adopting an amendment to phase-down the use of HFCs; we can honor the legacy our predecessors; move closer to the goal set in Paris; and – most importantly – help protect the future health and livability of the only planet we have and to do so for generations to come" declared John Kerry on 22 July 2016 at UN talks on the Montreal Protocol in vienna.


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Towards new alternative to vapour-compression cooling

Magnetic Refrigeration's Article - Cooltech Applications

The website recently released an article focusing on the Magnetic Refrigeration technology: "a totally different kind of cooling technology [that] may ultimately prove to be even more efficient and friendly to the environment". The article touched upon the recent crucial steps for the technology: the launch of the CaloriCool project, Cooltech’s medical refrigerator presented at MEDICA last November, etc...


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Arkema announces 15% increase on all HFCs

Arkema - Increase on all HFCs - Cooltech Applications 

Arkema fluorochemicals has announced further European price increases on all its Forane HFC refrigerants. (...) Similar price increase are exprected by other refrigerant producers over the coming weeks as manufacturers come to terms with the F-gas quota system and the impending HFC phase-down under the F-gas regulations.


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Haier exhibited a first magnetocaloric wine cooler at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Haier - Wine Cooler - Magnetic Refrigeration - Cooltech Applications

Haier, a leading global manufacturer of household appliances, exhibited a proof-of-concept wine cooler refrigerated by a magnetocaloric heat pump at CES Las Vegas (USA). Following previous magnetocaloric professional appliances exhibitions with Cooltech’s device at European tradeshows in 2014 (Euroshop, Europain, Chillventa), this new event in the US, contributes to position magnetic cooling as a very promising alternative to vapour compression systems, that provides an environmentally friendly solution while additionally generating energy savings and reducing operating noise. Haier plans to introduce magnetocaloric devices "within the next couple of years".


India and China agree to discuss HFC cuts under Montreal Protocol

China & India - HFCs' limitations - Cooltech Applications

US efforts to exalt negotiations between China and India have finally paid dividens. Beijing and Delhi agreed to discuss on limiting the usage of climate warming gases consumed in refrigeration. This is a first step leading towards more stringent regulations in the developing world.

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Industry backs Obama plans to cut HFCs)

Obama against HFCs - Cooltech Applications

Leading US air conditioning and refrigeration companies are backing president Obama’s call to slash emissions of HFCs and accelerate a global HFC phase down.

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US: Goodbye high-GWP HFCs

US: Goodbye high-GWP HFCs - Cooltech Applications The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a proposal that would prohibit the use of certain high-GWP HFCs in applications where safer, more climate-friendly substitutes such as hydrocarbons exist.

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EPA rules would cut power plant CO2 emissions by 30%

EPA rules would cut power plant CO2 emissions - Cooltech Applications

The USA steps towards Green Legislations: starting by reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030.


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Why is BASF doing research on magnetic cooling?

Research on magnetic cooling - BASF - Cooltech Applications BASF GmbH in collaboration with The Dutch Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have been actively working on Magnetic Cooling in order to apply this revolutionary technology to commercial refrigeration.

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